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Secure PHP Login & Users Management Script

control the access to your website easily. As low as just $19.97

Xoo Users is a hassle-free Social Media Sign-up & Login Script that allows you to authenticate and manage users in your website. It is actually under constant improvement, proactive bugfixing and it is the most preferred social media login script.

Price: $19.97


Finding a simple Php secure php login system, can certainly wind up being very tough! The internet is loaded with, Php login scripts which are low-quality. Not forgetting the absolutely outdated as well as poor quality guides. And in some cases after you have located something, there's probably no instructions, support or even maintenance.

You won't have those issues with this script. Xoo Users can work with facebook, yahoo, google and linkedin. This is a real secure php login system that is proven to work and is easy to integrate in any website.


  • Stats

    Xoo Users comes with a built-in tool that gives you detailed statistics on your social media sign ups.

  • Social Media Sign Up

    Xoo Users gives you an easy way to integrate social media sign up forms in you website. It includes Facebook, Yahoo, Google & Linkedin

  • Multiple Roles

    With Xoo Users you can implement multiple roles or user levels in your website.


    It prevents abuse from "bots," or automated programs usually written to generate spam.

  • Customizable Email Templates

    It comes with fully customizable Email Templates with short codes.

  • Multiple Languages

    Xoo Users comes with language files. Translate the whole system easily by editing just one file.

  • Responsive Design

    Designed with the latest HTML5 technology, Xoo Users is compatible with all mobile devices.

  • Password Strength

    The script comes with different password strength checking levels

  • Powerful Admin Panel

    We have developed an easy to use Backend that includes all the necessary features to manage your users.

  • Login Based Protection

    Xoo Users secures web pages based upon user login by using 3 lines of code.

  • Role Based Protection

    Safeguarding web pages based upon user levels can be done easily with Xoo Users.

  • Account Activation

    It comes with 4 Account Activation Methods: Email with activation link, email with random Number, automatic activation & manual activation

  • IP Address Blocking

    Stop malicious IP Addresses. By blocking the Unwanted IP Addresses, you can save your site's Bandwidth and hence the cost significantly.

  • User Avatar

    Users can upload a custom Avatar image or use their Facebook's profile image.

  • SMTP Messaging System

    Easily send mass email to your clients.

We offer Lifetime FREE Updates

By Purchasing this script you will be able to download all future versions for free.




    1 Website.

    Full Source code.

    Free Installation support.



    Unlimited Websites.

    Full Source code.

    Free Installation support.

All Features

  • Activation with activation link
  • Activation with random Number
  • Add New Users Manually
  • Add Roles
  • Add User's Avatar
  • Automatic activation
  • Ban Users
  • Block IP Address
  • Change Website Email
  • Change Website Name
  • Change Website URL
  • Customize Activation Email
  • Customize Password Reset Email
  • Customize Welcome Email
  • Delete Roles
  • Edit Roles
  • Edit Users
  • Email Templates
  • Facebook Sign Up
  • Google Sign Up
  • Last I.P. Login
  • Last Login Date
  • Linkedin Sign Up
  • Login Based Protection
  • Manual activation
  • Multiple Languages
  • Password Reset
  • Password Strenght Levels
  • Remove User's Avatar
  • Role Based Protection
  • SMTP Mailer
  • Yahoo Sign Up