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1) Xoo Digital SINGLE License

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1) Xoo Digital SINGLE License

Xoo Digital SINGLE LICENSE is used by you or one client on one website.  Not to be used for re-sold.


Xoo Digital is more than just an online shopping cart.  It is a safe and secure way to sell your digital products online with ease out of the box. Build and design an E-commerce website with lots of features to sell and process payments. Your files are encrypted and protected so that hackers cannot know where it is in your website.  Sell video, audio, pdfs, images, or whatever you want with security in mind. A great solution for the big and small online businesses. Customers can easily find their product in your website with a simple search function.  User friendly and simple to navigate.

It can be installed on any virtual/shared or dedicated Linux operating system running Apache.

System requirements(available on 99% of all web host):

- Linux OS with Apache 2.2

- PHP 5.2 or higher

- MySql 5.3 or higher