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Xoo Cloud SINGLE License

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Xoo Cloud SINGLE License

Xoo Cloud SINGLE LICENSE is used by you or one client on one website.  Not to be used for sale or sales of products within.



Xoo Cloud is a full featured easy and secure web-based software solution for sharing files between colleagues, clients, and other individuals a breeze.  Create your own cloud file hosting website with ease.  You'll be able to share and send files for free, including large email attachments.  Our script has all the features needed to run a file sharing/download website.

In the real world, the size of the file is restricted to preserve bandwidth.  Worry no more!  Set your own file size without restrictions.  Virtually out of the box cloud service under your control.

It can be installed on any virtual/shared or dedicated Linux operating system running Apache.

System requirements(available on 99% of all web host):

- Linux OS with Apache 2.2

- PHP 5.2 or higher

- MySql 5.3 or higher